Thursday, 17 May 2007

Habitable Sculpture

What is my Habitable Sculpture?

It is an abstract work of art that one might live in. It is a piece of garden sculpture. And also a walk through the house is a walk through a piece of the garden. The garden makes use of a beautiful natural space, a space containing 5 ponds, a mountainside, and an area filled with massive rocks, nature’s own pieces of sculpture. A walk through the sculpture offers a series of discoveries – both outside and inside.
The pictures show the pond that will form part of the sculpture's setting, and a floating framework made by the architect to give an idea of the scale and position of one of the sculpture's components.

In detail it is as if the object were lowered into the setting, how else could it have got there? The exhibit of nature’s wonders and the artistic elements are subject to transformations resulting from nature’s change of day and night, seasons of the year and immediate splashes of weather.

All is unified by certain repetitions – views of rocks and trees and water plus the scattering of man-made objects and three very similar glass enclosed spaces. Some internal art moves kinetically either electrically or triggered by the observers own physical movement.

The garden and the Habitable Sculpture are linked together by glass openings with their own alterable degrees of varied apertures. The edifice is also a theatre in the round with dramatic events triggered either by nature day and night but especially by electric illumination of garden elements or visual movement within the mirrored cube.

Walking through the Habitable Sculpture’s garden surrounds also provides a series of discoveries of the Habitable Sculpture itself for it cannot simply be seen from any simple vantage point. In all, it is a quest for beauty and delight and fun. Fun from smiling and sitting and reclining and sleeping and walking. Fun from listening to nature’s sounds and from bathing in hot water and swimming in cool ponds. Fun from skating and walking and climbing and arriving and conversing. Fun from eating and drinking and playing games and sports.


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Are you the Karl Jaeger that I worked with in the basement at Intermedia systems in Cambridge mass. USA in the 1970's? If yes, please email me at:


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